Florida keys luxury waterfront homes for sale

The Lower Florida Keys

Lower Keys Real Estate

Big Pine in particular is one of the largest and most interesting Islands in the Keys. As you get closer to the water or buy a home on a canal, the prices rise accordingly. But there are quite a few different developments, mostly of single family houses, and some are pricier than others.

Water depth affects prices, and some areas have about 15 inches and some have 3-4 feet. Obviously this means you can have a certain kind of boat in some areas that won’t work in other areas. It depends what you’re looking for. The shallower areas have more direct and private access to a lot of the wilder and more pristine parts of the Island and adjacent backcountry. They may also (but not reliably) be less expensive. Listings in the Lower Keys include Big Pine, Little Torch, Ramrod Key, Summerland, Cudjoe-Cudjoe Gardens plus Sugarloaf.

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